Are you getting everything you need from your broker software solutions?

Are you getting everything you need from your broker software solutions?

The adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Custom Resource Management (CRM) solutions in the energy retailing sector, as in every other industry, hasn’t come easy. Whilst many brokers can boast of having a CRM solution, a significant proportion of their solutions are designed to cater for the basic requirements of every nature of business, therefore not unique to any, especially energy consulting. Here at Enerex we can help you either way! Since we’re not a broker ourselves, we concentrate on delivering industry leading solutions, like Sparkplug, our CRM and Commission Reconciliation Tool is designed and tailored for energy consulting. Already have a CRM? We can help with our custom software development background in products like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

Which of the below best represent your energy brokerage firm?

Option 1 – Tailored CRM Solutions (like: Sparkplug and others)

Over 100 brokers have chosen Sparkplug and although we have only been in the UK for the past few months we already have brokers in the UK enjoying the benefits of the system. Through our demo process, we regularly hear that Sparkplug contains features that other competitive products don’t possess. We took the liberty to integrate all features on one common platform to automate as much as possible to reduce manual labour & process inefficiencies. Some of the features that have been brought to our attention by energy brokers include:

  • Flexible management of complex & multi-entity contracting parties
  • Auto-updating of supplier price matrices for live pricing
  • Automatic contract generation for matrix-based quotes
  • Automatic uploading of multi-site supplier bespoke prices
  • Instant written customer proposal quotations that increase telephone sales conversions
  • Automated commission reconciliations, online analysis & validation processes
  • Integrated cloud dialer – click to call and call recording
  • Track non-commodity deals like demand response, lighting, solar, water & telecoms etc
  • Pre-built robust reporting module
Option 2 – Standard CRM Implementation (like Zoho or Salesforce)

CRMs that aren’t designed for the energy industry need to be customized as per the broker’s business model. Even with spending £100,000’s they often still can’t fully automate every part of their business needs. Although these solutions come with pre-built sales nurturing features, they lack the customization needed for true operational efficiency. Does your CRM have all these features?

  • Commission reconciliation & financial forecasts at site, deal and customer level
  • Finding missing payments to reduce revenue leakage
  • Deal management – renewal notification
  • Commission automation to your sales agents & broker partners
  • Matrix pricing & contract production automation
  • Supplier bespoke pricing & live update automation
  • Automation of savings analysis & customer proposals

Sparkplug  is a business automation tool that is especially designed for the energy broker & consultant market. It is the brainchild of seasoned industry professionals whose combined experience reaches every crevice and corner of the energy broker industry.