About Enerex

Energy markets are fundamentally driven by the secure, trusted exchange of information.  From the union of these two ideas:  Energy and Exchange, we draw our name: Enerex.

Enerex is the First and Only Data Platform for Connecting the Retail Energy Market

Our data platform joins together Brokers, Suppliers, Utilities, Energy managers, and their Agents and Customers to streamline the energy procurement process. By getting the participants in an energy transaction together on one platform, we are able to achieve efficiencies not otherwise possible.

History of Enerex : A Revolution in the Making

Beginning in 2007, a vision of efficient retail energy

A Houston-based software consulting company, Entrance Software develops CORE (Collaborative Operations for Retail Energy) to create a more collaborative deal process and improve Brokers' ability to manage commissions.
Energy Frameworks & Powermatrix merged to become ENEREX
Energy Frameworks
Entrance Software spins out Energy Frameworks to pursue the CORE vision and be totally dedicated to changing retail energy.
Energy Frameworks & Powermatrix merged to become ENEREX
Powermatrix is formed out of a New Jersey-based software development company, Infomatrix, develops a product for retail energy brokers called Sparkplug.
Energy Frameworks & Powermatrix merged to become ENEREX
Powermatrix UK
Powermatrix in the United Kingdom was formed.
Powermatrix and Energy Frameworks merge
The two industry leaders in retail energy sales software join forces to create the de facto standard in retail energy sales software, combining their products and services, retaining the Powermatrix brand. The consolidation of their broker-facing capabilities begins.
Enerex | Retail energy's trusted data platform
Enerex launch
Enerex launches as the new brand and vision for created a trusted data platform for the retail energy industry.
Enerex | Retail energy's trusted data platform
Enerex UK launch
Powermatrix in the United Kingdom is rebranded and Enerex UK is launched.
January, 2019
August, 2019
August 2020
February 2022
Our Purpose:

Connecting PEOPLE
to increase TRUST
in retail energy MARKETS.

Where your talents and the needs of the world intersect: therein lies your purpose

Enerex | Retail energy's trusted data platform

The Enerex VISION

to be the source of trust for retail energy.

For this reason, trust is a the core of everything we do as a company and every interaction with customers and partners. 

Without trust, markets cannot thrive.

Our Core Values

They are in some respects aspirational, in other ways pragmatic, but in all cases, they create a sieve on how we make choices.

Our Beliefs:
Put PEOPLE first; connected people do great things
Use TECHNOLOGY as a means, not an end
Earn TRUST everyday or lose it
Open MARKETS are best for consumers
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