Managing Third Party Agents

In our distributed world, its is common to have outside third parties originating and closing business.  Often times, these independent agents can get bogged down in the full back-office process of sourcing energy contracts, but need a quick, branded experience to connect with only the key parts necessary for them to serve their customers’ immediate needs.

A web-based interface, integrated into your website, which allows independent Agents to connect using logins or codes, gather pricing, generate and submit contracts in a fully-automated, self-service fashion.

With Generator you can...

Effortlessly Manage your Third-Party Agents

  • Provide daily matrix or matrices
  • Enable self-service through Affinity or Promo codes
  • Allow agents to generate contracts
  • Simplify digital signature for customers who are working with Agents 


Simplify your management of Third Party Agents.

  • Agents each have a login
  • Agents can have referral codes
  • Security to enforce which deals and customers can be seen by which Agent
  • Agents can access published matrix pricing
  • Agents can generate templated Matrix contracts
  • You can pre-determine margin or allow Agents to set
  • Generator can be branded as your company
  • Agents will have your company’s identity vs. the platform’s
  • Through integration with our Sparkplug (Broker cloud) solution, easily manage Agent commissions
  • Decouple agent commissions from your supplier commissions timing using Formula-based commissions in Sparkplug


Quality Control Agent Pricing

Make sure Agents are showing the right prices to the right customers.

Simplify Contracting and COmmissions

Allow the data to flow easily from contract through to commissions by integrating with our Sparkplug (Broker cloud) or Propeller (Supplier cloud) solutions.

Stop emailing your matrix files to your agents!

Onboarding With Generator

In 7 easy and guided steps imagine where your business could be:

We accomplish this through:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Easy onboarding and data migration processes
  • Online knowledge base access for videos, tutorials, and how to’s
  • Submit enhancement & request tickets online

Simplify your Agent Interface Today

With tools to make every part of your sales and back office process more efficient, and a support team to help you, getting started with Enerex has never been easier. Generator Icon