Enerex Acquires CRAFT from Pariveda, Expanding Leadership in Retail Energy Commissions

Enerex Acquires CRAFT from Pariveda, Expanding Leadership in Retail Energy Commissions

HOUSTON, TX – Enerex, the retail energy industry’s leading provider of SaaS solutions to empower energy choice globally, announced today that it has expanded its North American business through the acquisition of CRAFT from Pariveda Solutions.

“Our world, and the energy that powers it, is undergoing profound change. An energy transition has begun, characterized by distribution over centralization, decarbonization over fossil fuels, and digitalization over manual processes.  The energy economy is becoming a digital marketplace for information,” said Richards, co-founder of Enerex, “Energy markets are fundamentally driven by the secure, trusted exchange of information. The lack of connectivity between partners in the sales channel results in an unsustainable cost of customer acquisition. We are a multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry powered by Excel and email. Enerex looks to change all this through its secure hub for trusted data exchange. Combining CRAFT’s commissions capabilities with our Propeller solution on the supplier side, and our Sparkplug solution on the broker side allows Enerex to create information sharing and channel synergies never before seen in the industry.”

As the North American retail energy sector continues to mature, offering a robust data platform solution that provides the underlying sales data infrastructure for retail energy providers of all sizes and across geographies is a key differentiator for Enerex.

“Enerex is committed to bringing connectivity and trust to participants in deregulated energy market which, in turn, enables them to grow profitably and better serve their residential, commercial and industrial customers,” said Nate Richards, Enerex’s co-founder.

“We have always looked for new ways to add value to our customers, be it through consulting, developing market relevant solutions such as CRAFT, or effectively partnering on solutions with others where we see additional synergies and benefits,” added Stan Vlasimsky, Managing Vice President at Pariveda Solutions. “With the acquisition of CRAFT, Enerex provides the industry and our customers a much broader base of solutions and capabilities to help them grow their businesses. We look forward to continuing to partner with Enerex combining their Industry-leading SaaS solutions with our retail energy consulting expertise to provide the best outcome to our mutual clients.”

About Enerex

Enerex is retail energy’s trusted data platform, powering 10% of US C&I transactions as of 2020.  Revolutionizing how the world buys energy, Enerex connects all aspects of the energy value chain through one trusted data platform so consumers can better understand their energy choices and transact in a secure, efficient and transparent ecosystem.

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Nate Richards, CFO

About Pariveda

Pariveda Solutions, Inc. is an employee-owned, strategic services and consulting company that helps our clients diagnose and solve complex, disruptive problems — often organizational or technological. We serve clients from eleven major city locations, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington D.C.

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Kate Frye, Brand & Communications