Enerex - Sparkplug grows energy brokers’ businesses – Revenue too!

Enerex launches Sparkplug solution to help UK energy brokers

Enerex is an energy software development company originated from serving the US deregulated energy market. After experiencing phenomenal growth in the energy brokerage community, we have officially arrived in the UK with our best-selling TPI’s solution - Sparkplug.  We have demo’d our solution to many TPIs in the UK market already and have received rave reviews compared to other solutions currently available in your marketplace and we would love to show more TPI businesses how Sparkplug can make a real & tangible difference to your bottom line.

Enerex released its first product ‘Sparkplug’ in 2016. It has now been adopted by over 50 TPIs by the start of 2019 and we are continuing to grow. The system has been fully customized to the UK market so that it meets your needs and more.

Sparkplug is an end-to-end, lead to quote to contract management solution along with a supplier commission reconciliation platform that focuses on automating the sales process to ensure maximum efficiency and give brokers a competitive edge in providing value to your end user customers.  Sparkplug has helped our US energy brokerage firms (TPIs) expand their business with quicker pace.  Sparkplug also gives TPI management teams a bird’s eye view of their crucial business information on demand. It is designed to give you unmatched control & allow customizations, such as configuring your supplier business relationships, user role definition, manage business workflows and fully white-labeled for each unique TPI. 

The expansion to the UK market comes amid a flurry of requests and enquiries from UK based TPIs and brokers on the availability of our solutions. It has been preceded by a great deal of tweaking and customization to make Sparkplug ready to align it to the UK energy market & business processes.

If you are interested in taking a demo of Sparkplug and want to see what all the buzz is about –Contact Us