Enerex - Get back to energy brokering, stronger, quicker, faster and more knowledgeable

Get back to energy brokering, stronger, faster and more knowledgeable

Since March 2020, COVID19 has hit our economy across the board and has changed business practices around the world. Face-to-face meetings have given way to video calls. Homes have become the new offices. And technology is not just a utility anymore, but a lifeline to run the business.

Many opportunities are emerging for energy retailers to connect with their customers, and to reimagine their business models. COVID-19 has expedited the move to digital. In many countries, including the US, lockdowns are ending, Industries are restarting operations, and businesses are reopening. But underlying this gradual return to life is the knowledge that things will never be the same. We are entering a new normal where the success of a business will depend on how quickly it can pivot and innovate.

A new wave of innovation has begun – powered by Enerex

Sparkplug – this CRM for retail energy Brokers is power packed with features like LOA Automation, Matrix Automation – with your specific matrix sheets from suppliers, Historical Usage, Proposal Generation, Matrix Contract Generation, Supplier Commission Reconciliation (find missing payments) and now Automated Customized Email Engine to stay in touch with your customers throughout the customers lifecycle journey – you can prospect, propose and close your customers faster.

Exchange LIVE! – Engage your end use customers & retail channel managers in the bidding process. Have a hosted web page for each deal with controlled access for customers and retail channel managers. Set tasks for bidders to do before the bid, graph bids for your customers, even have a date/time for all bids showcasing the lowest to all bidders.

Sparkplug Mass Markets – a centralized place to manage campaigns, price plans, offices, teams, agents, pay schedules from suppliers, max payout to agents, automatic processing of TPV, supplier pay files, finding missing payments, and automate weekly agent pay outs. Spend less time on back office and more time on setting up new campaigns.

Power Portal – want to expand revenue opportunity? Simple white label branded interface for all your matrix pricing, proposal generating and contract signing needs. Perfect for offering end-use customer direct interface to your Brokerage firm, or to attract new agents to sell on your behalf.

The most successful businesses consistently out pace everyone else because they digitalize their business, automate the “dirty work” that no one really likes to do, and focus their time and energy on growing the top line revenue of the company.

Are you interested to learn more and discuss how Enerex can help your brokerage firm to automate your business, quote more opportunities & grow sales revenue in this ”new normal”?

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At Enerex we focus on one thing – Connecting people through technology to bring trust in retail energy markets.

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