How to procure the ideal system for your Energy Broker / Consultancy Business?

How to procure the ideal system for your Energy Broker / Consultancy Business?

There are many aspects of business that leaders take into consideration when evaluating which software provider is best-suited to support their needs. In the last two years, Enerex surveyed more than 100 TPI’s in the UK market to understand:- the various ways they conduct business processes; which technologies are deployed to optimise efficiency; what types of solutions are typically desired; and how TPI’s go about searching the market in order to find the best specialist software provider to deliver not only their immediate needs, but also for the long term. We found out some interesting facts which we wanted to share with you below:

Tailor-made to the industry need:  Energy brokers’ need a specialist CRM which can automate every aspect of their business processes on one end-to-end platform, including, Managing Leads, Quoting Opportunities, Closing Deals, Contract Management & Deal Submissions, Information & Data Requests with Customers & Suppliers, Tracking Statuses, Internal Team Hand-offs, Commission Statements and Commission Scheme Payment Calculations.

Automated Sales Management: From push button LOA and proposal generation, automated matrix pricing/contracts and daily digest emails on renewal activity, energy brokers want their system to help turn around sales quicker.

Streamlined Process: The customer journey can be complex and fraught with potential issues along the way. An ideal broker CRM should be designed around for lead management, opportunity management and deal management processes, but flexible enough to cope with all of the unique energy process related scenarios. For example, Multi-level Customer Relationships, Sites Additions / Closures, Change of Tenancies, Registrations & Objections etc.

Team Collaboration: Energy brokers like to have one system with a single view of their customer data, so that teams can access information, collaborate in & out of the office, and work efficiently towards the success of the company.

Data Security: Do you trust your data to just anyone? Surely not another energy broker! A strong IT partner should really NOT be in the same line of business as you.  If you’re looking for best-in-class, it is important that brokers ask the following questions:- Which cloud provider hosts their software? What are the security measures they are taking into consideration to secure your business information?  Microsoft Azure in our opinion provides the best B2B data security for our clients and you should consider only sharing your data with companies that reach ISO 27001 certification that do not have a potential conflict of interest with being able to access your precious data.  Enerex is NOT a broker, nor a retail supplier in any market and we are fully ISO27001 certified.

Affordable: While offering features that are seldom found in many CRMs, brokers need to keep costs to a minimum and often find that technology is expensive and do not clearly articulate the benefits and value that will ensure a good return to their investment. Enerex is a software-only company. We are neither a supplier nor a broker. Instead, we provide our services & platform based on a monthly subscription fee. We do not take a commission percentage out of your business.

Wrap Up : To gain continued success with your business, you need a system that boosts your productivity, automates intricate processes, saves time and increases profits. Sparkplug, the largest and fastest growing Energy Brokerage solution serves over 130 energy brokers, and if you are actively looking for a system to help grow your business – we are here for you. For more information, schedule a demo.