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“Sparkplug powers the future strategy of Brilliant Source Energy. It enables us to make the right decisions, ensure operational stability, realize efficiencies, and spark growth.” – Pam, Brilliant Source Energy

Sparkplug saves Brilliant Source Energy 17 hours per month by implementing just one of many process improvements.

“Anticipate and meet customer needs” – that is at the epicenter of business success. As a leading energy consultant, Brilliant Source Energy (BSE) addresses the needs of a wide range of clients. The company works with commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and non‐profit businesses by increasing their bottom line through expense reduction solutions. Their every action is based on how to better anticipate and exceed their clients’ expectations.

Since 2013, BSE has, on average, saved their clients 20% on utility expenditures by providing comprehensive solutions‐based consulting. BSE is able to achieve this success through their relationships with the nation’s top-tier energy suppliers and various platform solutions such as reverse auctions, double bid processes, and managed plans.

BSE provides expert consultation for clients that want to increase their bottom line by providing the lowest rates, ensuring 100% accuracy of past, present, and future utility bills, and turnkey efficiency solutions. BSE is constantly innovating to win the trust of clients and to improve the financial health of a business. “We want to partner with our clients, to be their “brilliant resource” so they can focus on what really matters, their business” says Dawn Paytosh, CEO, Brilliant Source Energy.

BSE’s Improvement Statement

Brilliant Source Energy’s vision of business growth was being hampered by the limitations of inefficient manual back office processes which involved multiple data re-entry efforts across multiple systems. Not only was this siloed, inefficient, and prone to error, the employees did not have instant access to key information during client interactions. Looking forward, BSE wanted a software that solved these issues and allowed more room for growth.

The company evaluated a number of CRM solutions, and Enerex’s Sparkplug emerged as the top choice. Sparkplug is the #1 retail energy sales platform which powers over 10% of the commercial and industrial transactions. Employees use Sparkplug to manage their day-to-day activities on one single platform.

In keeping with its commitment to innovation, the company embarked on a digital transformation journey in Q3 of 2020. Led by BSE’s Pam O’Grady, Head of Operations, the objective was to be able to handle more volume with their current resources and make processes more efficient.

“The choice of software provider became clear during the first demo of the product. Sparkplug already had integrated so many of the “must haves” we were requiring. It also delivered on the “wish list” of what we wanted in a system. There is no starting from scratch with this system and we were able to correct the back office inefficiencies quickly and at the same time grow the business” says Pam.

A mission of Automation

The process to reconcile supplier data and calculate sales commissions took around 20 work hours per month due to inefficient manual processes.

During a 6-month process, the Sparkplug Customer Success team walked Pam and her staff through properly loading the deals into the system, taught the new operational process of booking deals, and automated the month end process to reconcile commissions. Pam even ran the processes side by side to test the results – and reported back that it matched within pennies!

Sparkplug provides us with complete insights and automated features reducing month end processes to just 3 hours, which saves 17 hours per month!

While 17 hours per month would be enough on its own to recommend Sparkplug – it does much more. Pam went on to say, “We are exclusively using Sparkplug for CRM and back end processes and have eliminated paper, spreadsheets, and manual procedures.”

Sparkplug has increased BSE’s productivity. With automated processes freeing up time, there is more time to engage directly with clients and provide value.

Pam summarized the relationship with Enerex with the statement “Sparkplug powers the future strategy of Brilliant Source Energy. It enables us to make the right decisions, ensure operational stability, realize efficiencies, and spark growth.”

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About Brilliant Source Energy

Brilliant Source Energy provides comprehensive energy analysis and consultation to reduce operating expenses across all utilities. A utility bill and facility audit that saves an average of 20% on costs – NOW THAT’S BRILLIANT!

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